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If you have a lot of questions about life and the future of planet Earth that remain unanswered, this book is a must read. The UNSEEN: What will Not Happen in 2012 offers answers to many of the questions that you may have wondered about. Are ghosts real? Can the dead communicate with us? Did we evolve from lower life forms? What really happens to us when we die? What will happen in 2012? Will a comet or asteroid impact end life on Earth?The UNSEEN: What Will Not Happen in 2012 seeks to answer these and other questions, challenging many of our popularly held beliefs about the unseen, particularly those relating to the spirit world. It also discusses events predicted to occur in 2012, examining the writings of Nostradamus, and looks into Earth's future based on the author's understanding of Bible prophecy. An eye-opening experience awaits you with this fascinating and informative book.

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