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"A concise and informative . . . review of research and theory pertaining to remarried relationships and some of the factors contributing to remarriage instability. . . . The book provides . . . an up-to-date introduction." --Child & Family Behavior Therapy "Lawrence H. Ganong and Marilyn Coleman advance the understanding of remarried families be summarizing and synthesizing the results of empirical studies and works by clinicians on remarried families into a concise, readable book. . . . Due to its comprehensive scope, this book stands out as the single most valuable current publication on remarried families. . . . Family scholars and practitioners will find this book a wonderful reservoir of information." --Journal of Marriage and the Family Using a normative-adaptive perspective, Lawrence Ganong and Marilyn Coleman take a timely and comprehensive look at close relationships in remarried families. The authors present a thorough exploration of why some remarriages and stepfamilies function well, while others do not. Beginning with a brief historical and clinical overview, the authors examine factors and issues that either contribute to, or hinder the development of, close relationships in remarried families. Chapters include discussions on all of the relationship combinations found in stepfamilies, child abuse in stepfamilies, extended family relationships, and a review of various clinical perspectives that provide insight into well-functioning as well as dysfunctional stepfamilies.

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