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Along with a major upgrade to Apple's core operating system comes a comprehensive upgrade to the best-selling Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide. Mac OS X 10.2 promises to offer exciting new features that will change how people use their Macs, such as iChat, improved Unix tools, Bluetooth-enabled contact management software, QuickTime 6, and advanced handwriting recognition. This newest revision to Maria Langer's best-selling book covers all of the new features and more in the familiar step-by-step, task-based approach that millions of readers have come to rely on when they need to quickly and easily master complex, new technologies. Whether you're a newbie or a Mac veteran, getting used to a new operating system can be a frustrating, and at times, frightening experience. Mac OS X 10.2: Visual QuickStart Guide takes the fear out of upgrading for all levels of users. Beginning Mac users can use this book to get up and running on their new system, while seasoned Mac veterans can quickly reference the new features in this new OS release.

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