Norway Wasn't Too Small Information

Norway didn't have many Jews—but it had enough to attract Hitler's attention. It’s 1940 in Norway, and one Jewish family would rather be thinking of anything else. Budding artist Rebekka Davidson sketches the soldiers filling the school and streets, while her cousin Harald Rosenberg learns that he’d rather read about Hitler’s politics than experience them. Talented musician Ingrid Rosenberg prepares to go to her dream school while experiencing the wonders of first love—with the nephew of the leader of the local Nazis. Together, the family will do whatever it takes to return to normal life…but will it be enough?
By the end of the war, Norway had lost a higher percentage of its Jews than almost any other country in Europe. This story, inspired by the author’s own experience growing up Jewish in 1940s Norway, brings readers both young and old into the touching struggles of one incredible family. Norway wasn’t too small for Hitler, and for some families, it was everything.

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