Nanocoatings: Principles and Practice Information

This technical book explains the science, chemistry and fabrication of nanocoatings-—and the critical connections among them. It offers the theory to develop new coatings and the quantitative tools to understand which formulations are promising and which are not. It is thus aimed towards the entire coatings development team: from theorist to lab researcher to formulator. As a scientific guide for designing coatings to which nanoparticles are added, the text shows how to create, test and certify a nanocoating with the correct functional properties. Information in this volume will enable specialists to identify nanocoatings formulations with commercial potential. Nanoparticles discussed include: metal oxides, quantum dots, CNTs, graphene, nanoclays, photoconductors and more.The book offers numerous formulas for calculations in synthesizing, testing and applying nanocoatings, and all such formulas can be readily activated with inputs/outputs in everyday units using a series of EXCEL spreadsheets provided by the authors. Formulas include: interparticle distance, Rayleigh and Mie scattering, percolation, clay barriers, microemulsions, HSP solvent blends, modules from bending, DLVO theory, pinholes and fibers, grinding energy, nanoindentation, Stefan equation for embossing-—and more.

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