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When you read "One Day in Mudville", you realize that in baseball, history occurs when you least expect it. "One Day in Mudville" is a book that details some of the most unique games in the history of baseball. In 1965, a legendary player came out of retirement at the age of 59 to play a game in the majors. Learn who he was in this book. Find out why a baseball legend hit a home run and decided to run around the bases backwards! Who was the pitcher who once struck out 21 batters in one game? And how about the pitcher who hurled a no-hitter and hit two home runs in the same game? There was once a home run hitting outfielder who came into a game to pitch, and then won the game! And an owner who made himself the manager one day. Not to mention a 33 inning game. And so much more. The book chronicles 22 games, all of them unique in some way. The fans who saw these games, could never have predicted the history they would see. Some of the games are funny, some tragic, some poignant. All of them are unique. Box scores and play by play included. "One Day in Mudville" is your box seat to some of the most interesting games in baseball history.

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