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A never-before published look at the many possibilities of social game development

As one of the few entrepreneurs in the world with expertise building both social media and games, author Jon Radoff brings a one-of-a-kind perspective to this unique book. He shows that games are more than a profitable form of entertainment?the techniques of social games can be used to enhance the quality of online applications, social media and a wide range of other consumer and business experiences. With this book, you?ll explore how social games can be put to work for any business and examine why they work at all. The first part of explains what makes games fun, while the second part reviews the process and details of game design.

  • Looks at how games are the basis for many everyday functions and explains how techniques of social games can be used by businesses as money-making tools
  • Drills down the process of game design while focusing on the design, analysis, and creation of games
  • Features screen shots, diagrams and explanations to illuminate key concepts, accessible to anyone regardless of game playing or design experience
  • Reviews what works and what doesn?t using a range of real-world scenarios as examples
  • Author Jon Radoff has a unique blend of experiences creating games, Internet-based social media, and Web technology.

Game On is not playing around. Discover how social media games make money?and how you can enhance your business using games.

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